I have had the pleasure of working with Faith when searching for our Director of Sales professionals in various markets across the U.S. She has always been super attentive, and in tune with our business model and needs, and therefore has been able to hit the ball out of the park in terms of finding us great talent. Her candidates have stayed and grown with our company and many have been promoted. Her candidates and her professionalism and partnership has proven to be invaluable for our firm. We trust her with our business and her recommendations and she’s so great to work with!

S Labs-

In my line of work, Of all of the recruiters that I’ve come across, Faith is THE most professional, caring, and driven individuals – by far. Faith really knew how to go the extra mile to make sure that the opportunity was right for me and that I understood every single detail. She was definitely fighting for me in my corner! Thank you so much, Faith!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you

Ryan Templeton

Faith reported to me for over 2.5 years and did an unbelievable job! She was a leader for the company and a huge team player. Even if it didn’t help her financially, she was always trying to help the other recruiters around her. Finally, one additional thing that makes Faith really special is her character. Everybody loved her, whether it be the employees or the candidates. We knew she’d always do the right thing and be honest.

Gregg Salkovich